The Department of Art and Art History would like to thank Tylonn J. Sawyer for jurying the awards for this year’s exhibition.

Credit is also due to the staff, faculty, and students who have made this work and exhibition possible. The following faculty put forward their students’ work for this exhibition:

Christian Gerstheimer, Cristen Velliky, Ben Gaydos, Alla Dubrovich, Amy Davis, Andy Deck, Darryl Baird, Michael Sevick, Donal Young, and Rebecca Zeiss.

A very warm “thank you” to all of the students who have contributed to the exhibition under trying circumstances. They include:

Emily T. Borst, Brittney Avery, Ashley Breiler, Jacob Prim, Shelby Shovein, Jennifer Hess, Michaela Becker, Joy Walker, Marwa Tahboub, Ashley Clark, Tricia Nadrowski, Nalani Duarte, Codi Green, Hailey Andres, Shelby Coates, Erika C. Xavier de Melo, Samantha Sheltraw, Autumn Quigly, Brie Root, Grace Nicholes, Arianna Boese, Mizahnyi Tipton-Thomas, Anissa Olson, Cruz Duhart, Patrick Bitterman, Payton Ranville, Megan Woods, Amanda Houthoofd, Ellen Moore, Wasia Siddiqui, Camryn Wimsatt, Kayla Harden, Meggan Tupps, Danny Warren, Gurjinder Sibgh, Emma McLaughlin, Zoe Warren, Ariana Martinez, Payton Ranville, Audrey Banks, Alexandra Fairbrother, Jalon Kirks, Michaela Becker, Leza Tungl, Tricia Nadrowski, Jacquelyn Letavis, Kayla Harden, Joy Walker, Madison Zaremba, Shauna Reiman, Jessica Stein, Jeremy Hicks, Cole Dutil, Heather Wilson, Camden Sutherland, Aric Reed, Alex Boylan, Ann Murphy, Genevieve Heydt, Malinee Sansiribhan, Michaela Becker, Ashley M. Breiler, Nathan Brown, Kristie Meade, Molly McLaughlin, Sarah Dobrowolski, Brie Root, Madelyn Vamossy, Stephanie Streeter, Kristie Meade, Paul Zehnder, Marquise [Mia] Medal, Kesten Coulter, Leeah Bond, Arianna Boese, Ella Sinclair, Jamie Beebe, Julia Haber, Cole Pachucki, Connor Phillips

The poster for the exhibition was produced by students Stephanie Streeter, Craig Kelley, Jr., and Shauna Reiman.

Thanks also to Cristen Vellicky (Associate Professor of Art) for coordinating the ART498 special project response to the COVID-19 pandemic. See the special section.

Members of the Student Exhibition Committee for 2019-2020 include Rebecca Zeiss, Michael Sevick, and Andy Deck.

A special thank you to Andy Deck for his leadership and expertise in transitioning to an online exhibition.